Submitting Artwork
 The most efficient (and therefore most cost-effective) format is vectorized artwork, in an . eps or .ai format. Please ensure that all text is converted to outlines. If you are not able to convert text to outlines, check with us to see whether you’re using one of the hundreds of fonts we have on file.

For digital printing , a high resolution file , bmp or jpg, can be used. Keep in mind that the larger the print is to be scaled up , the more resolution is lost. ( The space between the dots increases with the size of the print which causes the resolution to decrease. This causes jagged edges and blurred images.) Sometimes these larger files cannot be e-mailed and may need to be put on a CD disk. If vector art is not available, we can always scan and digitize your logo for a minimal charge. The most efficient way of sending your artwork to us is in a digital format, such as email, CD-ROM or DVD.
If you don’t have artwork, our designers will be happy to work with you to create a custom layout for your signage project.

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